5 Ways to Test Your Profession! Is it for YOU?


I was reading last night and came across some helpful words from someone I found to be a quite unique, inspiring, and an overall likable guy. Recently I had the opportunity to meet Frank McKinney, and when I did I happened to purchase one of his books. In chapter #1 he gave a suggestion that I just loved and decided to share it with you all. He suggested that in order to “Make it Big” an individual needs to find their calling as early as possible, and to do so you must challenge your profession against these 5 criteria:

1. Is your current profession emotionally fulfilling?
2. Is it something you can see yourself doing for a long time?
3. Are you able to utilize ALL of your natural talents?
4. Is the future of your profession something you have potential for?
5. Are you able to make a positive difference in your life and others?

I challenge you to put your profession up against these 5 criteria and see if you are on the path to truly creating an amazing life to come!

I hope you have an amazing Friday, and remember,

“Wealth is the ability to experience life!”

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