Are YOU the Bus Driver?


Below I’ve got a very powerful strategy that you can use to build a BIG business.

One of the first things you need to do to GROW your business is to get a little help.  Maybe it’s hiring an assistant, or an office manager, or even a birddog…

YOU will have to focus on revenue producing activities and put all the small repetitive tasks on someone else’s plate – you’ll need someone to delegate some of the workload to.

Delegation is one of the most important aspects of your business.  It’s what allows you to focus
on other areas of your business and to drive tremendous revenues

I don’t know if you know this, but there are certain daily tasks you do in your business that produce a return WAY OVER $200 per hour.  I know you know this – there are things that produce nothing, but have to be done anyways.

You need to FOCUS your time on revenue producing activities and you gotta be thinking about the
highest and best use of your time.”

OK so let’s say you’ve got an assistant now, have you noticed that you can delegate and still end
up doing 50% of the project and making most of the decisions?

That’s because most people go about delegating all wrong.

One of the most important things you need to do when you delegate to someone is to make sure they
know that they have the freedom to be able to complete the project on their own.

They need to understand that they only need to communicate with you about the project when
they’ve either reached a milestone or have run into a hurdle which will prevent them
from reaching a milestone.

I’m no different, I had the same problems.

For years, I had problems with my employees making sure I was fine with every little decision they made.  The reality was that I was totally cool with 95% of the decisions they were making.  And even the 5% that I would have changed, weren’t a big enough deal to make a big difference.

When I look back on everything, it turns out that almost 100% of the little interruptions in my business life could have been avoided if I had been more clear when delegating to my team.

That revelation alone has prompted me to constantly come up with new ways to communicate to my team that once they have good direction and know exactly what to do, that they are to execute on the project and are to only come to me when they’ve reached a
milestone or have a road block that prevents them from reaching that milestone.

My team members never really “got” that.

I’ve tried in vain to communicate this to people over and over again and it’s only through the use of a parable that my employees have really been able to grasp what I’ve been talking about and our production has skyrocketed since.

My parable is the story of the bus driver.

The bus driver, obviously, is the person driving the bus (me).  I am the leader of my company – I
drive the bus here.  And we’re going places. We’ve got a clear direction on where we’re going and I’m in charge of getting us there.

Let’s pretend everyone else (my team) is along for the ride and we’re all moving forward.

Now if somebody on the bus interrupts the bus driver, who then gets distracted and takes their eyes off the road, even for a split second, that could mean disaster.

This is the same thing that happens when the bus driver of a company is distracted.  The driver has
to stop the bus, which really stops the progress of the whole company to look at one small detail.

Chances are the person who distracted the driver could have gone ahead and executed on their project without bringing the bus to a screeching halt.

So it was through the use of this powerful story that my team finally got the fact that every time they interrupted me, they were literally stopping the forward motion of the entire company.

So in order for this not to happen, it’s super important for you to be very clear in your delegation.

The only way that you will stop this from happening is to give explicit direction and make it clear that
they have the autonomy to complete the project until they either hit a milestone or hit a brick wall.

This has made all the difference…

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