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Okay…okay. I just wanted you to open up my email because what I’ve got to show you is going to blow you away!

Put your seat belt on!

One of my closest friends “CP” just snagged me some seats!

As a valued client of Mr. 3 Days Kris & I wanted to let you know about an electrifying, intensive, mind changing, “moo-lah” infusion seminar that is being held on October 23 thru October 25 in Tampa, Florida.

You have to check this out………

The seminar is called “Investing With The Stars” and it is a 3 day intensive Real Estate, Sexy Tax Tip’s, Social Media Marketing training event. Not to mention one of the nation’s leading “life changing” Personal Wealth Trainers will make a Guest Appearance.

I guarantee a “life changing” experience and you will learn a ton when you attend this event. We have some of the best STAR keynote speakers here to teach you what is working NOW in today’s market.

See you there!

Mike Beecroft & Kris Dehnert

(aka Mr. 3 Days)

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I got this off my little desk motivator and decided it was “blog-worthy.” I could relate to a few of the things mentioned… read and enjoy!

“You can limit yourself by the story you created about you. Here are some simple examples of how the stories we have created about ourselves can limit us:

– I am no good at math
– I have never been able to dance
– I am not a very good writer
– I am very stubborn
– I am very moody
– I struggle with my weight
– I am always late
– I am not a very good driver
– I can’t see without my glasses
– It is hard for me to make friends
– I can never sell a house in this market
– Money seems to slip through my fingers
– When it seems like things are going good something bad has to happen

The moment you become aware of what you are saying, you can delete these things and rewrite your story.”

Have an awesome week and remember,

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***Time to RELAX***

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Hey Mr. 3 Days Family! I hope everyone is having a killer week so far. I wanted to post a little something that just makes sense, and let me tell you it came at the right time with our mitigation company about to go live… Read the post, you will see what I mean.

—> Resistance blocks what you want from coming to you. You create resistance in yourself by feeling anxious, worried, or concerned when thinking about the task at hand. That tension causes the resistance and blocks the delivery of what you want!

If you feel tense when you think about what you want, you need to simply RELAX, RELAX, RELAX! Let your body and mind relax so that you can regain your focus and reset your priorities. Every time you feel yourself tensing up remember to just relax and regain your focus on the task at hand and the steps necessary to execute!

Have an awesome week and remember,

“Wealth is the ability to experience life!”

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I was reading last night and came across some helpful words from someone I found to be a quite unique, inspiring, and an overall likable guy. Recently I had the opportunity to meet Frank McKinney, and when I did I happened to purchase one of his books. In chapter #1 he gave a suggestion that I just loved and decided to share it with you all. He suggested that in order to “Make it Big” an individual needs to find their calling as early as possible, and to do so you must challenge your profession against these 5 criteria:

1. Is your current profession emotionally fulfilling?
2. Is it something you can see yourself doing for a long time?
3. Are you able to utilize ALL of your natural talents?
4. Is the future of your profession something you have potential for?
5. Are you able to make a positive difference in your life and others?

I challenge you to put your profession up against these 5 criteria and see if you are on the path to truly creating an amazing life to come!

I hope you have an amazing Friday, and remember,

“Wealth is the ability to experience life!”

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Giving opens up the door to receiving, and with all the opportunities you have daily to give a little, you can begin to receive sooner than you think.

Give kind words when you can. Give a smile to someone for no reason. Give compliments to your employees. Give a “Thank You” to the parking lot attendant. Let someone in front of you in traffic (this one is tough…HAHA.) Bring in some bagels to the office staff. If someone drops something, pick it up for them. Hold the door for someone (you would be surprised how little this happens.) Give encouragement to the people who seem to be having a hard day. And finally, give appreciation for those who do these things for you.

When you start to realize what an impact giving can have on others, be sure that the world around you will pay it forward, and usually TEN-FOLD

Have an AWESOME Wednesday everybody, and remember our motto:

“Wealth is the ability to experience life”

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Here is the latest list of wholesale properties.
Turn Key Wholesale Deals

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"Whatever you want in life, you must give up something to get it.
The greater the value, the greater the sacrifice required of you.

Everything has a price.

There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, and a price to pay
for just leaving things as they are. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily.

Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way
accomplish results that last."

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Which person are YOU?

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I got this saying from my little “Daily Desk Motivator” and I HAD to pass it along… ENJOY!

“There are two kinds of people: Those who say, “I will believe it when I see it.”  (you know who you are…) AND those who say, “To see it, I know I must believe it.”

Now that is a little quote that I love! It fits so perfect into what we do HERE at Mr. 3 Days. We help people see the big picture, make them believe along with them that they can do it, then we help them make it happen!

Click here and see for yourself: People who “MADE IT HAPPEN”

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What is goin’ on everybody! As usual, I hope this message finds everyone in the best of health, wealth, and happiness…

I was just going on about my day and ran across a couple quotes that I love, and wanted to relay them to all of you:

The first one is one that I implement almost daily, and that is:

If you have seen any of what we do on YouTube you can see that we try to experience life at every turn. Do yourselves a favor and make a point to not get so caught up in your work, and just live a little. I mean, what the hell are you working so hard for, right?

The second quote is one that I tell to all of my coaching students, and that is:

TRUST ME, make it a point to jump in on all of this social networking, get yourself into a mastermind group, drag yourself out to the local REIA’s, and build a network! The “6 degrees of separation” is real people, and the bigger your network is, the more invincible you and your business will become.

Have an awesome day, and an even better weekend, PEACE!

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HEY, Mr. 3 Days here… We wanted to give some love to one of our students who locked down his first short sale deal! It took us a while to get in touch with him since he is always on the water wakeboarding, but we finally got him here to sign his check!

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