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Hey everybody, I hope you all are having an AWESOME Friday, and getting ready for an even better weekend. The video below is the question of the week for this week, and it includes a cameo from our good friend Julia Kline aka The Queen of Social Media.

We have had a ton of folks sending in questions like, “How can I find private $$$ using social media?” “How can I find more Buyers/Sellers using social media?,” and “How can I find local investors using social networking?”

Well, YOUR questions are answered NOW:

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[viddler id=21b89cd4&h=437&w=370] Mike Beecroft in Siesta Key Beach answering the question of the week in the middle of a Drum Circle!
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Broke Down in Vegas…

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As I was making my way down the strip I saw an AWESOME opportunity to do our “Question of the Week” in front of the fountains at the Bellagio. This week was Chad Tucker from Central Florida…
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Question of the week #5

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Question of the week

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Hey everybody, I wanted to just say a quick thank you to everyone who has been getting involved in our “Question of the Week” program that we have been doing. For all of you who have not been participating yet, go to and submit your questions to us!

Thanks in advance!

~Mr. 3 Days~

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WOW, have we had a lot of you all sending in great questions so far, so PLEASE KEEP IT COMING! We even managed to have a guest appearance from one of our good buddies (you have to see the video to find out who) that fielded the question on the spot! Click on the picture to see the answer AND to see how to participate next week…

This week we pulled a question from a local guy named Jim Crimella who asked:

“What do you do when the bank refuses to order an interior B.P.O. on your property unless you drastically raise you initial offer, even though you know that what they are asking for is well out of range compared to the actual market value of the subject property?”

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Congrats to Barry Carver our week 1 winner of the question of the week!

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Introducing our New Question of the Week.

Real questions with real answers.  How cool is that when you get FREE coaching!
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