Cram in Some Christmas Cheer!

What’s up everybody! I hope this message finds all of you in the best of health, wealth, and happiness!

I had a little “incident” earlier at the bank with some grumpy guy that didn’t like the line and insisted on talking loudly about it, and it really got me thinking, so I figured I should send it along…… I know we are in the middle of the holidays right now, and for a lot of us this Christmas has been a bit bleak, due to the economy, grumpy people, and just an overall funk in the air! I don’t know about you, but THIS CRAP SUCKS! I don’t know how many people I have spoken to that said, “I just didn’t even feel like putting up my tree this year,” or “There’s nothing Merry about this Christmas!” or “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas” (You know who you are out there)

Think about this- WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS PEOPLE! Quit funking up the air with all this negativity, or else you will have more of it to come in 2010, I promise you!

What can you do you ask? Try this………

Every single day (from now until Christmas at least) give people joy! No matter whom you meet in your day, friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, or even strangers, give them a little happiness and joy. Give them a smile, a compliment, or a kind word. I don’t care if you even tell some stranger, “Hey you, yeah you with the ugly shirt and bad hair; Happy Holidays whatever your name is!” The point is that you are going to be attracting the same joy and kindness back to you! Make it your mission for the next couple weeks to make everyone’s day better because they saw you! What’s the worst that could happen, at least you will be feeling better, right?

I am on a mission to cram a little spirit into all these Scrooge ass people, and I think with your help we can do it!

Have an awesome day, an even better week, and remember, WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS!

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Totally agree – shopkeepers/cashiers especially can use a smile or something nice said to them. They are on their feet all day, dealing with the cranks, often tired and cold because they are near an entrance.

It is always good to remember the people who are dealing with real tragedies – try not to be SUPER joyful around them – just kind and respectful.

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