Do what you do best & outsource the rest…


Yo…Yo…What’s up EVERYBODY! I wanted to drop in and shake up your brains with a little bit of helpful info that will hopefully make you look at things just a little bit different! And by different I mean start living life on your terms by MAKING the time (outsource & delegate) to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

It is simple===> Do what you do BEST, & outsource the REST!!!

There is NO comparison between TIME & MONEY, period! Now, with that in mind, it makes sense that you should be focusing on what you are best at, while properly outsourcing the menial tasks… (yes, ACTUALLY take you hands off certain things, you silly little control freak!)

Here are just a few tips I implemented that made things a LOT easier for me:

1. ASSIGN YOURSELF AN HOURLY WORTH – and if the tasks you are doing are not bringing in at least that amount, then you should find someone who can handle that for you instead. Why spend the only true asset you have (time) when someone else would gladly do it while you make 5x more focusing on other things!

2. DO NOT SET EXPECTATIONS TO HIGH – because in a best case scenario, you can typically only get somewhere between 65% to 85% of the results that you would get yourself, so don’t freak out and get disappointing! The KEY here is to have multiple people doing a % of what you can do, resulting in 250% to 300% production OR MORE!

3. DON’T ASK ANYONE TO DO SOMETHING YOU WOULDN’T DO YOURSELF – and you will soon find out that your coaching, motivation, guidance, and management will be more easily accepted by those working for you because they WILL believe in you… which is important! People need to know they are a part of something that is tried, true, and most of all FAIR! Lead by following your own rules.

There are many other little “tricks of the trade” regarding how to properly outsource and delegate, and if you can think of some PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS POST AND SHARE WITH THE GROUP!!

Have an amazing day, and even better week! Always remember, “Wealth is the ability to experience life!”

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