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Our Promise to YOU as our Coaching Student is that we will GUIDE YOU
Towards Real Estate Success, Week by Week Until Check by Check Your
Bank Account is Bursting and You Feel Compelled to Channel Your
Inner Braveheart and Yell: “FREEEEEEDOM!!!”

You will Immediately Receive:

  • An Easy to Follow Step by Step Blueprint with One on One Support that will give YOU that “1-2 Punch” to Supercharge Your Short Sale Investing Business.
  • Access to Mike & Kris’s Private Network, The SHORT SALE POWERTEAM!
  • Step by step simple strategies teaching You EXACTLY How to Find and Close 4, 5, 6, even up to 10 or more deals per month with none of YOUR own money or credit!
  • We’ll show you how to outsource 85% of the work making visiting the property optional, meeting the seller optional, meeting the buyer optional, dealing with the bank optional and frankly… a waste of your time!
  • Exclusive access to our members virtual back office!
  • The Very Best Real Estate Marketing Materials and Automation Systems on the Planet…and much, much more!

What is keeping you from getting checks like these


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Here’s a guy who took action.
How would you like to cash checks like his?*

So When’s It Gonna Be?
If Not “Now”…Then “When”?

The #1 mistake new investors make…

… is that they wait too long to get started investing in real estate.
When should they have gotten started?
When should you (if you haven’t) get started investing in short sales?


There is NEVER going to be a time like this EVER again in YOUR life!
If you haven’t already decided to get started short sale investing, we can already hear your reasons why not.

We can hear these ‘reasons’ loud and clear.
We’ve used a number of them before ourselves.
And we’ve heard every single one of them— and more— sitting down with new and aspiring real estate investors
all across the country (ones who are now successful).

“Not enough money.”
“Not enough knowledge.”
“Not enough time.”
“Market is down.”
“Credit is bad”
“That’s for other people”
“I can’t until _______…”
“What if _______ happens?
“I’m waiting for _______…”
“What about the economy?”

That’s right.

Take a quick second and answer for yourself these questions.

  • Are you waiting too long to invest?
  • Do you fear making a mistake or failing and maybe looking stupid in front of people you admire or in front of people who love you?
  • Are you scared of something specific?
  • Do you believe you can’t do something when others can’t?
  • Do you give up easily without trying?
  • Do you let other people (like the media or family) create your beliefs as to what is possible and what not?
Chances are, if you’re not investing or not yet at the level you want to be at…and you care enough about getting this part
of your financial life handled to take the time to read this entire page,
you could answer “yes” to one or more of those questions.

Am I right?

Let me share something with you.

The real reason that people don’t get started investing or don’t strive
to reach that “Next Level” of wealth and freedom sooner is…

Psychologists have recognized for years that fear takes many forms
but the three most relevant fears many new and aspiring real estate
investors face are in the form of: the fear of failure, the fear of success
and the fear of that which is unknown.

Eliminate Fear of Failure

Now, some of you may ask, what do I do if my plan fails?

This type of thinking simply comes from the fear of failing.This stops most investors dead in their tracks from ever buying their first property. They read articles, books, go to seminars and even buy courses, yet they remain inactive in buying any real estate— never realizing their dreams of escaping the rat race.
They talk a big game about what they’re going to do, but they always seem to be just talking and not doing.

Listen to me, I know all about that.

Anxiety will ride your shoulder no matter how experienced you are- it’s your response to the feeling that dictates whether you
master it or not! As far as the reality of possibility in “failing” we can play the “what if” game all day long and still be at the
same point were at now except a little more frustrated.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Forget the anxiety. Forget the fear. Just take action.
Action destroys fear. Remember, too, that “what if” goes both ways.

What if your plan works?
What if you knew that you wouldn’t fail?

Would you then still procrastinate?
Would you put off running that “We Buy Houses” ad?
Would you give all the excuses in the book?
Would you still just drive by that house in pre-foreclosure?

But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Investors almost invariably share one universal belief— they wish they had started earlier. If they had started earlier,
whether six months earlier, a year, 5 years or more, they all realize that they would be much wealthier
and more successful today.

Has something held you back in the past?

Here’s how you get started short sale investing in real estate right now (or get to that elusive “Next Level”).

These students had the same what if’s, the same fears, and the same questions you have!

Don’t take our word for it,

see what more of our successful Mr. 3 Days Students have to say about Mike, Kris, & their

Jason C St Louis, MO
Makes $175,000.00
In Less Than 1 Year
Jim C Tampa, FL
Has Closed 200+ Deals
in the Past 16 Months (School Teacher)

Carrie from St. Pete, FL
CASHES $22,000.00
On Her 1st Deal!

Carrie from St. Pete, FL
On a Private Island
ONE year later!

  • We work with our students one on one.

  • We do all the coach ourselves, we never
    pawn you off on trainees.

  • All of our content is state of the art,
    and up to the minute.

  • We speak plain English, and we are very
    patient on every call.

There are a lot of other fancy programs out there that give you all the hype, or outdated, but when it gets down to the dirty stuff you want someone on your team who is there to answer your questions, not refer you to a page in your home study course, don’t you?

The quickest way to start earning money through short sale investing is to team up with experienced real estate investors who can help you avoid the mistakes beginning real estate investors often tend to make.Now we are not going to sit here and tell you stories about how great we are because we know that you are MORE interested in how great we can make you..

Well, here’s just a few of our students talking about their experience working
with Mike, Kris, and the Mr. 3 Days team:

Chase S from Lakeland, FL
CASHES $8,400.00 CHECK!
(24 yr. old Wake Boarder) 1st Deal!

Pat & Rob from St. Pete
“Sometimes a little tweek makes all the difference!

Chad T, Orlando, FL
makes $7,300.00
in less than 10 hours of work!

Judy J. from Fairfax, VA
CASHES $34,000.00 CHECK!
On Her 1st Deal!

  • Step by step simple strategies teaching You EXACTLY How to Find and Close 4, 5, 6, even up to 10 or more deals Per Month with none of YOUR own money!
  • We’ll show you by outsourcing 85% of the work— why visiting the property is optional … meeting the seller is optional … meeting the buyer is optional … dealing with the bank is optional … and actually a waste of time!
  • Exclusive access to our members virtual back office!
  • Exclusive Access to our proven marketing tools, PowerPoints, tracking sheets, & all the required short sale documents to keep you in compliance.
  • Weekly ONE ON ONE coaching calls supported by a step by step action plan to take your business to a new level EVERY WEEK!
  • We’ll help you pre-qualify your leads and show you EXACTLY how we qualify them!
  • Advanced techniques to add value to the BPO so you can get the best discounts from the banks!
  • Access to our exclusive mitigation company, Property Mitigation!
  • Free Access to our mitigation company’s online deal tracking software to track your own deals 24-7!
  • How to network with real estate professionals to free up your time!
  • Guidance on how to maximize and leverage social networking sites and social media to build a real estate empire!
  • You’ll have access to Mr. Money Bags “our private money guy” to fund all your short sale flips!
  • Access to our 12 strategies to find quality buyers and sell every single one of your qualified short sales!
  • Access to our preferred money lenders to get your deals closed without any seasoning issues from lenders!
    and much, much more!

Why are you offering me an opportunity to work with you?

Or… What’s the catch? There is a catch, but we’re not going to tell you right now, you’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Here’s what motivates us…

Success is difficult…once you get there it’s very likely you have benefited tremendously by any number of teachers, mentors,
encouragers, and high achievers who took the time to share with you ideas and brainstorm concepts, and serve as your advisers or
sounding-boards or coaches… success isn’t always easy and you have to earn it sometimes over years and years of trial
and tribulation, over many hard-fought battles of getting to the “next level”.

Some don’t make it, ever— especially those that don’t learn the shortcut of learning what works and what doesn’t

So, when you do stick around long enough to achieve success, let me share something with you: now it’s your turn
to give something back and be a mentor to someone else.

Once you have accumulated a lifetime of business and practical experience and a slew of marketing and financial
wisdom and insights, you can’t be greedy!

That’s right. The two of us can’t waste all that powerful knowledge by keeping it all to ourselves.
We like to take someone who’s starting out and give that person the benefit of our hard-won knowledge and expertise.
Advise them. Encourage them. Coach them. Contribute to their success as others contributed to our own.

There truly isn’t a better legacy that we can leave of our business career than doing our part to make it a little easier
for the next dreamer.

BUT… We don’t just work with ANY dreamer.

You gotta be serious. You gotta be a DOER.
Here’s who we like to work with (i.e. how you QUALIFY):

  • -> People who are Ready to Take Action Now!
  • -> People who Don’t Complain!
  • -> People With Goals to Have a Better Life!
  • -> People Who Act In Spite of Fear and Make it Happen Anyway!
  • -> People who can follow instructions.
  • -> and lastly, People who say, IT’S MY TURN!

How would you like to make a profit of $55,496.00
on average per month?

Would you think it was impossible?

Here are just a few examples which does not count the direct deposits!

Go ahead… Click each check and see for yourself!


Amount you can invest in your education?

Do you have experience with short sale investing?
If so, explain.

Would you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate,
or advanced?

What is you main objective for getting involved in short sales and having a mentor? i.e. money, self employment etc.

What is the largest obstacle in you way of getting
started/moving forward?

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