One Year of FR*EE Coaching is YOURS!! Freedom$oft Has Landed!


Last night was friggin’ awesome! Was it good for you too?

Bonuses, 60 day money back, coaching, funding for your deals,
gave away lap tops, large Q and A session after the webinar,
complimentary boot camps, and much more, but I can’t even
remember right now because I’m so pumped!
How would you like these EXTRA BONUSES!!

Be the Next Short Sale Rockstar!
Everyone who orders Freedom$oft will be entered to win!
ONE Full year of One-On-One coaching!! ($7,000 Value)
FR*EE membership to our exclusive Mitigation Company!! ($997 Value)
1 hour coaching session on social media! Now that’s how you maximize your portfolio! ($297 Value)
Plus we will fly the lucky winner into Tampa to spend 3 full days with us and see our business first hand! (If you are local or within driving distance we will give you $500 cold hard cash! (Estimated Value Over $10,000!)

That’s Nearly $20,000 in added bonuses!!

Be sure to use this link though- Mr. 3 Days Official Freedom$oft BONUS Link so we can add you to the drawing! Good Luck!
The doors to Freedom$oft are officially OPEN!

I’m headed over right now to claim mine and make
sure I don’t miss out. Jump on my shoulders and
I’ll carry you over! Lol

There’s no telling how many users they’re granting
access to. I’ve heard it’s as low as a thousand (20
per state). People have been “sleeping outside” in
the VIP line for months now. Hopefully you were
on that list. They got first dibs.

Click Here To Dodge And Weave Your Way In =>
Mr. 3 Days Official Freedom$oft Link

***Don’t forget about all the bonuses I’m giving you
for ordering through my links! And YES, they
give me commissions for that. Duh. 🙂 How’s
that for transparency!***

See ya there!

Mike & Kris

p.s. try not to get trampled to death in the stampede
like the 65 year old guy at Walmart last year.

Click Here To Elbow Your Way In. Rudely. =>
Mr. 3 Days, Get Me In The Door Now!

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