The Cool Cats get Tickle Me Elmo Before it Sold Out!


Here’s Quick Story for you…

Do you remember the Tickle Me Elmo Doll when
it first came out at Christmas. People went nuts
when the stores opened their doors.

Running feverishly to make sure they got a
Tickle Me Elmo Doll. Then there were a number
of cool cats (at least they thought they were cool cats)
that hung back and waited. They didn’t run like
the others because they thought they didn’t need to.

Can you guess what happened?

Well, when they went looking for the Tickle Me Elmo
doll there weren’t any left. So now they weren’t
cool cats anymore! They missed out!

The End

The reason I told you that story is this. I know by now
you have been seeing Freedom$oft everywhere.
And trust me when I say this, there are A LOT of people
who ran and bought without really giving it much thought.
They needed Freedom$oft.

Kris & I weren’t one of those people who exactly ran to buy
Freedom$oft either. We kinda trotted. But, after watching the
webinar and doing our own due diligence we went out and
purchased it because we thought it was a great addition
to our business.

So why am I telling you this?

If you’re on the fence about it and not sure, be sure
to jump on the Final Webinar tonight at 6:00 pm EST.
Preston may shut down the doors tonight after the webinar
and there will not be another opportunity for you to get
Freedom$oft. Ya just never know??

Don’t be left standing their looking like an UNcool Cat!

Saturday, January 23, 2010 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST
Here’s the link to register:

Now if you’ve seen the webinar and know everything you
need to know about but have just been dragging A$$, seriously
after tonight, it may not be available. Heck, Preston has a 60 Day
Money Back Guarantee. How can you lose out with that?
If it doesn’t do all that you need it to do get your money back.

Keep in mind after the doors close, Kris and I are drawing for
our bonuses also (see below). So be sure to use our link so we can
track whose purchased and add you to the drawing.

If at this point you purchased or if you are flat out not interested
you’re still in the Cool Cat group, just to let you know. 😉

Have a great weekend,

Mike & Kris

P.S. How would you like these EXTRA BONUSES!!

Be the Next Short Sale Rockstar!
Everyone who orders Freedom$oft will be entered to win!
ONE Full year of One-On-One coaching!! ($7,000 Value)
FR*EE membership to our exclusive Mitigation Company!! ($997 Value)
1 hour coaching session on social media! Now that’s how you maximize your portfolio! ($297 Value)
Plus we will fly the lucky winner into Tampa to spend 3 full days with us and see our business first hand! (If you are local or within driving distance we will give you $500 cold hard cash! (Estimated Value Over $10,000!)

That’s Nearly $20,000 in added bonuses!!

Be sure to use this link though- so we can add you to the drawing! Good Luck!

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