Uh Oh, The Bad News…


I have good news and bad news for you. Which

do you want first?

Ok, the good news – I have discovered a brand

new “Real Estate Robot” that will quite literally

flip houses for you.

It will …

– Hand deliver you motivated sellers and CASH


– Provide a nationwide database of Bank-Owned

foreclosure (REO) leads and allow you to send

contracts to them with the press of a button!

– Auto-Post your houses to 20 different websites,

INCLUDING your personal social media sites.

All with one click of a button!

Click Here To See It In Action =>


– Tell you what your subject property is worth,

and even tell you how much you should offer!

– Tell you what the average rents are in your

houses area!

– Scratch your back for you (kidding)!

– Auto-populate and SIGN all necessary contracts

so you don’t have to!

– Outsource your short sale leads for you!

– Hand you $500 for loan modification leads!

– Lend you $500,000 cash for houses if you need

it. You have to pay him back though. Or he’ll

send Vinny!

You Had Me At Hello -> Click Here! =>


– Educate you on Web 2.0, social media,

wholesaling in general, and a jillion other things.

(you will never buy another home study course


– Motivate you with weekly Life Coaching

Modules, the likes of which I have never seen

before. And I thought I knew it all!

– Jump right out of your computer screen via

hologram and hold you when you’re sad!

Actually this function isn’t available version 5.0.

Stand by.

– About 100 other things that I don’t have time to

write out!

Wanna see it? You can. Right now. Click this

link to be one of the first to see it in action …


“So what is the bad news?” you ask. The bad

news is that only a select few will end up getting

this bad boy when it launches on January 21.

Fortunately I’m in because I am good friends with

the inventors. I’ll be praying you make it in as


Talk soon.

– Mike Beecroft & Kris Dehnert

p.s. Did I mention that this system replaces all

your other services like comps, email, virtual

assistants, employees, etc? True Story. Life is

about to get a heck of a lot simpler for you.

p.p.s. You’re also going to get $4,350 worth of free real

estate investing coaching and training just for

watching this short video.

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