Which Comes First, Giving or Getting?


Giving opens up the door to receiving, and with all the opportunities you have daily to give a little, you can begin to receive sooner than you think.

Give kind words when you can. Give a smile to someone for no reason. Give compliments to your employees. Give a “Thank You” to the parking lot attendant. Let someone in front of you in traffic (this one is tough…HAHA.) Bring in some bagels to the office staff. If someone drops something, pick it up for them. Hold the door for someone (you would be surprised how little this happens.) Give encouragement to the people who seem to be having a hard day. And finally, give appreciation for those who do these things for you.

When you start to realize what an impact giving can have on others, be sure that the world around you will pay it forward, and usually TEN-FOLD

Have an AWESOME Wednesday everybody, and remember our motto:

“Wealth is the ability to experience life”

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I saw Susie Orman on PBS many years ago. I don’t like too much of her but she did say this I liked. She called it the karma of money.

When you hold on to what you have, you do so with closed hands. When opportunity comes to you, you are unable to seize it and watch it pass you by.

But when you give, you give with an open hand and thus, when opportunity comes to you, you are able to grab it.

May life find you smiling, g

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