Your Network = Your Net Worth

Whats up everybody! as usual I hope this message finds you all in the best of health, wealth, and extreme happiness! The message today is SIMPLE so listen up!!

>>>Your Network = Your Net Worth<<<

Here’s the deal everybody… The playing field has been drastically leveled recently with the explosion of social media, social networking, mastermind meetings, meet up groups, and networking events. If you are not taking advantage of these things, then YOU ARE MISSING THE BOAT!

In the past, It was all about WHAT you know, but now its ALL about WHO you know. Ask around to the people who are most successful in any niche of business and they will tell you the same thing, their greatest asset is their network.

It doesn’t matter if you need money to start a business, customers to sell products to, the best independent contractor to use, great minds to bounce ideas off of, or just eyes/ears/mouths to build your brand. You can do ALL OF THESE THINGS if you have a solid network. Trust me, I know personally!!

In the matter of 2 years, I was able to move into a niche of business in which I had NO experience, NO knowledge, NO contacts, NO money, and NO clue what so ever, and created 3 successful businesses which are active in over 20 states, and I can HONESTLY credit my ability to network as the primary reason.

What can you do? You can take advantage of all that is sitting right in front of you (which is usually free to use as well) and start to build you network by being the first one to “break the ice.” Go out and meet people NOW, and stop waiting for them to find you. By the Way–> If you haven’t maxed out at least one Facebook account with 5000 friends yet, start there!

Have an amazing week, and remember, “Wealth is the ability to experience life”

~Kris D. aka Mr. 3 Days

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